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Schwer Fittings Straight Coupling SR-505
Straight Coupling SR-505
€9,53€11,53Incl. tax
Schwer Fittings Equal Elbow SR-506
Equal Elbow SR-506
€15,30€18,51Incl. tax
Schwer Fittings Equal Cross SR-508
Equal Cross SR-508
€35,95€43,50Incl. tax
Schwer Fittings Equal Tee SR-507
Equal Tee SR-507
€32,10€38,84Incl. tax
Schwer Fittings Bulkhead Elbow Coupling SR-527
Bulkhead Elbow Coupling SR-527
€41,25€49,91Incl. tax
Schwer Fittings Straight Bulkhead Coupling SR-526
Straight Bulkhead Coupling SR-526
€27,20€32,91Incl. tax
Schwer Fittings Weld Bulkhead Coupling SR-528
Weld Bulkhead Coupling SR-528
€33,90€41,02Incl. tax

On request you will receive a customized quote. 

Schwer Couplings. Through the use of surface-coated coupling nuts, the tightening torque reduces up to 35%. Furthermore, a cold welding of stainless steel material is prevented in the thread.

The heart of a cutting ring fitting according to EN ISO 8434-1 (DIN 2353) is the cutting ring. In most cases, the specially designed and tested by Germanischer Lloyd Two edge cutting rings are used,  which have shown themselves to be very precise and highly reliable a million times. The cutting ring seals the fully assembled screw in three prominent places.

The major advantages are:

  • Extremely good cut in                                                                              
  • High tightness, no rust on the surface
  • Safe installation
  • No "set" of the cutting ring

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