Now the new pull-out resistance “Fastfit Grip” pipe coupling and flange adaptors for PE and PVC pipes in our scope.

Technical concept
The coupling consists of a sleeve that is placed between two end-rings. Between end-rings and sleeve, grip rings, press rings and gaskets are positioned. The end-rings are pressed onto the sleeve when the bolts are tightened. The rubber gasket, pressed by the press ring and grip ring, then completely fills up the space between pipe and coupling.

Because of the strong compression and the high quality of the rubber gasket, the pressure on the ring that guarantees the leak tight sealing, will remain on the required quality level for many years.

By tightening the bolts the press ring and the grip ring will press the gasket inside, until the press ring makes contact with the sleeve. From than on the brass grip ring starts to reduce it’s diameter, and the sharp profile of the grip ring starts to cut into the PE pipe. After the bolts are tightened, until a metal-metal contact is reached, the coupling is ready for use.

Material specifications
• End rings, press rings, sleeves and adaptors are made of
high quality ductile iron GGG 450-10.
• Grip rings: brass MS 58 up to including DN 300.
• Rubber gaskets: EPDM grade W.
• Bolts and nuts: Dacromet coated steel bolts. Stainless steel
bolts in grade A2-70 are available on request.
• Coating: Dupont Alesta epoxy powder coating.

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