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+GF+ Wrap Seal Repair Kit
Wrap Seal Repair Kit
€39,90€48,28Incl. tax
+GF+ Wrap Seal Repairkit
Wrap Seal Repairkit
€395,00€477,95Incl. tax
UNI-Coupling Emergency Repair Kit
Emergency Repair Kit
€825,00€998,25Incl. tax

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• 2 pcs. 1-S-F-W5-N-29.0-32.0 mm
• 2 pcs. 1-S-R-W5-N-39.0-43.0 mm
• 2 pcs. 1-S-R-W5-N-47.5-52.5 mm
• 2 pcs. 1-S-R-W5-N-58.0-64.0 mm
• 2 pcs. 1-S-R-W5-N-72.0-80.0 mm
• 2 pcs. 1-S-R-W5-N-88.0-96.0 mm
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UNI-Rep couplings are non-restraint repair couplings. They are used to connect and/or seal damaged
metal and plastic pipes. Featuring “cut flanges” on the underside of the fitting, this type of coupling can
be easily pulled around a leaking pipe to seal a fracture. Once wrapped around the pipe, the fitter then
goes about installing the coupling in the same manner as any other UNI-Coupling model. They enable
repairs to be carried out easily, quickly and safely without the need to dismantle the pipes.
The UNI-Rep couplings are suitable for emergency repairs in buildings and industrial units to avoid costly reinstatement work caused by water damage.
The UNI-Rep couplings represents excellent value for money both at point of order and at point of use, as significant installation time saving can be achieved with the light-weight stainless steel design.


  • Time-saving installation: no welding, pre-alignment or pipe end treatment required
  • Space-saving: can be installed in hard-to-reach places
  • Pipe tolerance compensation and angular distortion compensation


  • Ship-building
  • Offshore
  • Mechanical engineering
  • (Petro)chemical industry
  • Sewerage works

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