Wrap Seal Repairkit

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+GF+ Wrap Seal Repairkit
Wrap Seal Repairkit
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Wrap Seal Repair Kit.

Complete Repair Kit for pipe leaks Wrap Seal repair Better, Quicker and Safer.

Quick repair Wrap Seal is a polyurethane resin impregnated fibreglass role, used to repair weakened, damaged or even leaking pipes and tanks. Repairs can be carried out within minutes without
special knowledge or tools. The resin hardens within 20 - 30 minutes, depending the ambient
temperature. It sticks to almost any material, like most metals and plastics and even to concrete. It can be used as temporary or permanent solution.

• 6 pcs. fiberglass roll
• 1 pcs. Seal Stic
• 1 pcs. Ultra Sealing Tape
• documentation and instruction

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