Open spring mount OS

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Vescoil International Open Spring Mountings OS
Open Spring Mountings OS
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Product information

Unique expanding rubber end fixing of springs which also provides high frequency attenuation.

• Nominal 20 & 25mm deflection colour coded helical steel springs to BS1726 Class
B with 50% overload capacity and O/D equal to at least 85% of working height.
• Can be bolted to supporting structure or free standing on 6 mm thick ribbed rubber pad (3
mm on OSS).
• Fully height adjustable (OS25).
• All steel components are zinc plated.
• No snubbing gives maximum efficiency.

Typical Applications

• Axial and Centrifugal Fans
• Air Handling Units
• Low Level Pipework.
• With Inertia Bases type IPF for Pumps

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