Wafer Type PPA Pneumatic FO)

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+GF+ Wafer Type PPA Pneumatic Actuator (FO)
Wafer Type PPA Pneumatic Actuator (FO)
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Butterfly Valve Type 565 PPA Pneumatic Actuator, FO (Fail safe to open)

• Installation length: EN558 row 20, ISO 5752 row 20, API 609 table 2
• Flange standards: ISO 7005 PN10/16, EN 1092 PN10/16, DIN 2501 PN10/16, ANSI/ASME B 16.5
Class 150, BS 1560: 1989 Class 125/150; BS 4504 PN10/16, JIS B 2220 10K, JIS B 2239 10K
• For easy installation and removal
• Control time 0-90° 1-2s
• Control pressure supply through integrated NAMUR interface according VDI/VDE 3845 with 5.6 bar (81.2 psi)
• Full plastic solution (actuator housing made of PP-GF)

• Individual configuration of the valve possible
• Hand or electric actuators from GF
• Double sensor for electrical position feedback incl. LED feedback
• Optional accessories: Fail-safe return unit, Monitoring board, Position controller, Profibus DP

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