High Precision Pressure Gauge

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Schwer Fittings High Precision Pressure Gauge
High Precision Pressure Gauge
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Standard item TYP RFM, for heavy duty applications glycerine filled TYP RFMG Temperature range -40° C to 100° C, for glycerine filled type RFMG -20° C to 70° C, Housing: AISI 304, Measuring piece in medium: AISI 316L, Sight glass: safety glass. Accuracy: Class 0.6 represents a display value of better than ± 0.6% for a scale value at 20° C.

Design features: High precision gauges are used for checking operational gauges or can be used when pressure has to be measured to a higher degree of accuracy in laboratories or test equipment for example. They are normally leaded and can be supplied with a works certificate or an official calibration certificate on request.

High precision gauges with a range of 0/25 bar are adjusted by air (0/160 bar on request) and should be used for measurement of gases. Gauges with a higher range are adjusted by oil (from 0/4 bar on request) and should only be used for measurement of fluids. Gauges with alternative scales available on request. Gauges with glycerine filling, Type RSMG: are used for heavy duty applications such as vibration, strong pressure fluctuations or condensation.