Square engine mount

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Vescoil International Square anti-vibration engine mount
Square anti-vibration engine mount
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Product information

  • Square captive anti-vibrations mounts or engine mounts are available with various hood sizes
  • Maximum applicable load of 5000 to 20.000 Newton
  • Hoods equipped with female thread from M12 to M20 inclusive
  • Square baseplate with 4 fixing holes
  • The rubber element can be subjected to shear and compression
  • Suitable for situations where large horizontal movements have to be avoided
  • The horizontal stiffness is greater in all directions than the vertical stiffness
  • The natural rubber parts are moderate resistant against oil, alkili and acids
  • The metal hood protects the rubber parts agaist (oil-)splashes
  • Suitable for temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C
  • This anti vibration mount, also called machine mount or marine mount, is suitable for reducing vibrations, shocks and noises and are widely used on machines like generators, compressors, pumps, engines etc.
  • Without tear-off lock

    Material: Metal parts - St37 (galvanised steel (DIN EN 12329)), Rubber parts - NR (Natural rubber) 55° +/-5 Shore A

Colour: Metal parts – zinc coloured, rubber parts - black