Rubber Bushes 2 metal washers

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Vescoil International Rubber bush 2 metal washer
Rubber bush 2 metal washer
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Product information

  • Cylindrical rubber bushes with metal washer on both ends are available in diameters from Ø 15 mm to Ø 100 mm inclusive, and in heights from 12 mm to 100 mm inclusive
  • Clearance hole from Ø 6,5 mm to Ø 21 mm inclusive
  • With vulcanized metal rings on both sides, standard in galvanized steel
  • Suitable for temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Suitable for many applications, such as elastic bearings, supports or suspension points
  • Can also be used to absorb high torque forces
  • When mounted in pairs, suitable for cushioning tensile and compressive forces.

Rubber parts - NR (natural rubber) Shore A 55° ± 5% (medium hard)
Metal parts – galvanized steel

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