Safety Pressure Gauge

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Schwer Fittings Safety Pressure Gauge
Safety Pressure Gauge
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Standard item TYP RSM, for heavy duty applications glycerine filled TYP RSMG Temperature range -40° C to 100° C, for glycerine filled Type RSMG -20° C to 70° C, Housing: AISI 304, Measuring piece in medium: AISI 316L, Sight glass: 3 mm safety glass (stamped SAFETY GLASS), 4 mm with NG 100, 6 mm with NG 160. Accuracy: Class 1.0 for NG 100 and 160, Class 1.6 for NG 63. This represents a display value of better than ±1.0% or 1.6% for a scale value at 20° C.

Design features: For safety measures this gauge offers a higher level of safety for the operator by a breakproof separating wall between the measuring system and the numerical display. Any blow-out will occur at the rear. With increased pressure the complete cross section will be pushed out at the rear. The gauges are tested to DIN EN 837-1 and are marked with the DlN test and safety sign. Gauges with glycerine filling, Typ RSMG: are used for heavy duty applications such as vibration, strong pressure fluctuations or condensation.